At Knightslots, we offer you a chance to enter the VIP Lounge.

Feel welcome and get set to enjoy what you may have been missing for all that time.

Be cautioned that here, we shall pamper you with all sorts of comfort for your comfort comes before anything else.

So please have a seat because I’m sure you will not want to leave this comfort, relax, take a cup of coffee and read the good news here.

When you become an active member of Knightslots on the VIP Lounge, you stand a chance to enjoy several goodies.

These include the following;

  • A well-trained personal VIP account manager
  • Constant invitations to great and exclusive promotions and events
  • Consistent great prizes and offers
  • Once you reach the Executive Level within the VIP Lounge, you stand a chance to go for luxurious vacations or visit the popular global sporting occasions

The big question is now what to do to earn the VIP points, right?

You just need to play the games on Knightslots, and you start earning your points.

It is interesting to note that different games require different amounts to make a point.

On the same note, different currencies have different wagering amounts to earn a single point.

However, the baseline is that you must continuously play at Knightslots to earn the points and go up the ladder of the VIP status.

The VIP Lounge comprises of 6 executive levels.

The lowest is Bronze, followed by Silver, then Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Red Diamond.

Of course, the higher you are at the VIP level, the more significant and better the benefits.

Join Knightslots, play, and become a VIP to enjoy fabulous offers and rewards.

The good thing is that we allow all players to attain VIP status without discrimination upon gathering enough points.